Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shadows at the Stairs

Believe it or not, these pictures were all taken without fiddling around with any colors (except for the camera settings, Babysitter :) ) or playing around with anything else. I was on my way to the Kotel one night when I decided to take a seat and write. It was someplace between Meah Shearim and Sha'arYaffo, and I found myself a nice set of stone stpes partially hidden by a wall where I could write in (relative) peace. No sooner did I sit down then I was struck by an unexpected and strangely haunting image- or rather, images. For some inexplicable reason, the place where I sat down apparently sat in the pathway of two multi-colored lights, so that my outline was reflected on the white stone walls to my right in two vivid and vibrant colors: blue and orange. I searched and peered for the lights, but being as I am almost terrible at the physical sciences despite having a great love for them (apparently this is a one sided relationship), I could not discover a possible source for the mystery of the double and colored shadows. I didn't *notice* anything strange about the street lights...

Whatever the origin of the double demus d'me, I immediately and multiply snapped photos of this strange sight so that one day all the world could enjoy (and perhaps enlighten me as to what light setup would cause this double shadow). (and then of course I wrote)

This week (up until Yom Kippur, of course)'s theme will be shadows. It's been a theme I've been collecting for some time, and frankly, also been debating, since some of the pictures I took I feel to be rather *much* to post on a public blog. I hope I shall have the proper judgement to know which pictures to choose to put on the blog and which to keep hidden in the annals of the computer for- some time. :)


(and this reminds you of which early Van Gogh drawing???)


Leora said...

Very cool, these shadows.

Gmar tov.

Rafi G said...

eery pictures, but the text is hard to read with that font color on the background color...

Mindy 2 said...

Leora- thanks.

Rafi- sorry. I'm too stubborn to change them for now.

The Babysitter said...

those are so cool!

But you know what it reminds me of, you know those 3-D books, where you use those red and blue glasses, so it could be something to do with that. That on paper they use red and blue to produce a 3-D image, but when your looking at it with the glasses you don't see any red or blue, just the regular picture.

So perhaps there is some science to it.